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Personnel from Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD) and Philippine Rural Development Project Enterprise Development (PRDP I-REAP) Component of the Department of Agriculture Region IV-CALABARZON gathered for an entire three-day capability building seminar, held on December 9 – 11, 2019 at Development Academy of the Philippines in Tagaytay City, Cavite.

The activity aimed to develop the ability of staff in preparing and analyzing marketing cost structure of different agricultural commodities; in writing reports, memoranda, and communication letters; and in making PowerPoint presentations.

“This capability building is beneficial to each and every one of us as it will help us evaluate our performance and work better to ensure organizational success and sustainability,” Ms. Editha M. Salvosa, AMAD Chief, emphasized.

Ms. Agnes T. Bartosis, Statistics Specialist from Price Statistics Division of Philippine Statistics Authority, served as a resource speaker for marketing cost structure. Included in her lecture were topics on: 1) identifying industry key players and determining existing production-distribution-processing system in major supply and demand areas, 2) examining the costs and margin in movement of a commodity at each stage from production to distribution, 3) knowing the utilization and disposition pattern for a commodity for each marketing participant, and 4) looking into problems and constraints arising in production and marketing.

Meanwhile, Mr. Karl Louise M. Salibio and Ms. Erika Z. Vizcarra of Agricultural Training Institute Information Services Division discussed about 1) writing (basics of communication, business correspondence, and principles of clear and effective writing, and 2) powering up presentation (presentation skills, preparing visual aids, and tips in delivery).

Group activities and exercises were also done for the participants to better gain knowledge and have more learning experience. Everybody enjoyed and were very positive about the conduct of the activity as expressed by some personnel.

It is hoped that everything they have learned in the seminar will help AMAD fulfill their responsibilities in conducting investment fora and market linkage, facilitating/participating in local and international trade fairs, and monitoring market-related infrastructure and prices of basic and prime commodities; and to PRDP IREAP component in establishing rural agricultural enterprises anchored on commodity value chains to increase farmers’ income. ● ARC, DA-RAFIS