DA 4A continues to assist ASF-, Taal-, typhoon-affected farmers, fishers through its QRF


Department of Agriculture (DA) Region IV-CALABARZON continues to provide agricultural assistance through its Quick Response Fund (QRF) allocation to farmers and fishers whose livelihoods have been significantly affected by African Swine Fever (ASF), Taal volcanic eruption, and typhoon “Ambo” where their status was presented during the management committee meeting held in Tagaytay City, Cavite on October 27, 2020.

Assistant Regional Director (ARD) for Research and Regulations, and Livestock Program Coordinator Ms. Vilma M. Dimaculangan presented the current situation of the QRF for alternative livelihood assistance for ASF-affected farmers. ARD Dimaculangan announced that from the P150,282,000 intervention allocation for ASF-stricken hog raisers, a total of P149,966,000 was already obligated for distribution to farmers across the region. Cattle heads, goats, native, broiler, and free-range chicken, egg incubators, quails, and mushroom production modules are also included in some of the assistance provided under this program.

In addition, as presented by Field Operations Division Chief and High Value Crops Development Program Coordinator Engr. Redelliza A. Gruezo. The regional office has an approved budget of P379.9 million for its Taal rehabilitation program. A total of P361,421,500 was allocated to production support services such as seeds, planting materials, fertilizer or soil ameliorants, medicines, and large and small ruminants. On the other hand, P18,480,000 was allotted to agricultural machinery, equipment, and facility support services which include farm production-related machinery and equipment, additional farm inputs, and rehabilitation on processing facilities.

As of October 23, Taal rehabilitation program has already accomplished 86 percent of its allocation. The provision of seeds is already at 97 percent, while planting materials are at 100 percent; fertilizer or soil ameliorant is at 63 percent; both small and large ruminants and antibiotics are at 95 percent; machinery and equipment are at 100 percent; additional farm inputs are at 100 percent; and rehabilitation of processing facilities is at 50 percent.

Moreover, Engr. Gruezo presented updates on the QRF for the rehabilitation of the damages caused by Typhoon “Ambo” that ravaged the country in May. According to Engr. Gruezo, P13.2 million was allocated for the recovery program, with P5.1 million allotted to seeds, P5 million allotted for planting materials, and P3.1 million allocated to fertilizer or soil ameliorants. (MAP, DA-RAFIS)