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LOOK: The Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Program Coordinating Office (DA-APCO) in Batangas is now sowing different vegetable seeds that they will give to walk-in clients who want to practice urban farming at home or will plant these in their community garden.

Squash, eggplant, tomato, ampalaya, and siling pangsigang seeds are those being sown at the APCO using soil with carbonized rice hull and organic fertilizer.

These are expected to be ready for planting by the first week of May.

Aside from sown seeds, interested individuals will also get varieties of open-pollinated mustard, pechay, kangkong, sitao, and okra, and siling tingala/red hot seeds that they can plant directly in the soil.

For more information, visit APCO-Batangas located at Tanco Drive, District 1B, Brgy. Maraouy, Lipa City. ● (ARC, DA-RAFIS)

[Photos Courtesy of Apco Batangas / Michael Panum Roma]